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What can ice cold Liquid Nitrogen do to assist your cells

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Hi, my name is Amina and I would like to introduce you to the services that we provide at The Pink Orchid.

The Pink Orchid is a wellness centre based in Upper Plumstead , Cape Town and we offer some of the most unique services and treatments in Cape Town.

Let's start with the first and most unique treatments of them all.


As mentioned in the details above, Cryotherapy is a form of healing using liquid nitrogen with a temperature of between -120 deg C and -160 deg C.

We have had amazing results, which include reduced neck strain, reduced facial scarring, reduced pain and strain in ankle injuries. At times, the results are almost instantaneous (depending on the level of injury and/or other condition/s).

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from any kind of ligament injury or strain, neck or back injury and/or strain and even skin rashes have been treated with Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy assisted in alleviating rashes by repairing the underlying cells.

You are most welcome to pop around and see what the facility has to offer and how we can assist in other therapeutic ways, if needed.

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