• CryoShaping


    CryoShaping is an innovative method for body remodelling. This complex cosmetic and therapeutic treatment detoxifies the body while effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite. With BodyShaping Therapy the skin appears smoother and firmer, there is a noticeable reduction in oedemas and an instant slimming effect on the body after just one treatment.

    • CryoFacial (Optional) - CryoFacials take 10-15 minutes to perform. Liquid nitrogen vapour at -160° C is systematically applied to areas of the face, using a special technique. Focus are given to areas prone to wrinkles and sagging. It is ideal to use before applying product due to the additional penetrative affect caused by vasoconstriction. It can therefore be combined effectively with classic facial treatments.


           CryoFacials offer the following benefits:


    • Immediate tightening of skin (ideal for use prior to events)
    • Healthy glow
    • Improved circulation
    • Collagen boosting – lasting effects in terms of smoothing of skin tone and reduction of wrinkles
    • Decreased pore size
    • Restoration of firmness, tone and radiance to fatigued skin
    • Over time, a reduction in pigmentation is noted
    • A course of treatments provides longer term rejuvenation
    • Tightening of hair follicles, thickening hair volume of eyelashes and eyebrows


    • Cryostimulation/Cryotherapy - the application of Local Cryotherapy results in intensive cooling of the targeted area with Nitrogen vapours. This application of of cryogenic temperature leads to vasodialation which increases microcirculation by up to 4 times. This process improves oxygenation and nourishment of the skin cells. Cryostimulation strengthens collagen and elastin fibres making the skin visibly firmer and more elastic. It most importantly prepares the skin for lymphaticdrainage.


    • Body Wrapping with cosmetic application – after Cryostimulation the skin’s permeability is improved making it more susceptable to product application. To increase the effects after application of our cellulite treatment balm, the body is wrapped in plastic which blocks the access of air and quickens the absorption of our activeproducts.


    • Lymphatic Drainage – Here we use a state of the art computerised compression device. This device is the only one in the world using lymphatic drainage according to the technique invented by the Dutch technician Emil Vodder. The device offer individually controlled pressured sleeve chambers which is controlled with a computer using algorithms specific to each application. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, quickens the process of waste elimination, detoxifies and enhances the body’s immune system while improving oxygenation and nourishment of the tissues. The pressure massage which applies sequential pressure to targeted areas firms the skin and effectively removes retained fluidwaste.


    • Manual Massage – The final stage of our BodyShaping procedure is a short manual massage using our active cooling gel cream. This gentle massage calms the skin and restores its naturaltone.



    Immediate reduction in leg and waist circumference as well as smoothening and tightening of skin will be noticed.

    Price: R2 900 per Session (including a CryoFacial)

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