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    The first session will be a talking session where I am able to fully understand what you want to achieve before I then gently introduce you to hypnosis. Some clients start to see the benefit from a single session almost immediately all the way to complete change in a few sessions.


    However, each and every person experiences and responds to hypnosis differently and this will be determined throughout our sessions.



    What To Expect

    Now more than ever, stress is dominating our lives and having a severe impact on our work life, health, quality of sleep and personal relationships. The need for emotional, mental and physical well-being as well as overall life balance has become more pertinent than ever before.


    Hypnotherapy has successfully earned notability as a highly effective, non-invasive and respected form of therapy. Hypnosis has come to be considered a successful complimentary therapeutic solution in creating emotional, mental, physical and attitudinal wellness in my clients. I have the tools and professional experience to help you, your family or child get back on track.



    For more information visit www.thewellnessspace.co.za

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