• The SleekSculpt Treatment Process

    The SleekSculpt treatment


    Step 1: Preparation of skin

    SleekSculpt Body Peel is applied.

    The Body Peel is an enzyme exfoliant that also lowers the skin’s pH level, allowing improved permeability for active products. The peel also promotes the skin’s appearance bringing back its natural glow.


    Step 2: Activation of treatment areas

    SleekSculpt Slimming Gel is applied

    The Slimming Gel combines several of the most effective ingredients available for treating cellulite, strengthening capillaries and promoting blood and lymph flow. It has a stimulatory effect, which dilates vessels and capillaries in preparation of fluid and waste removal.


    Step 3: Body wrap

    The treatment areas are wrapped, promoting deeper product penetration. This also allows the Slimming Gel to remain active for the full period of the treatment.


    Step 4: Sequential compression therapy

    The SleekSculpt, medical CE certified device, stimulates lymphatic and blood flow.

    By using sophisticated algorithms, the device applies sequential pressure from the feet and legs, in the direction of the waist. This allows for improved circulation by widening blood and lymphatic vessels.

    Lymph fluid that has become stagnant in the skin and fat cells are successfully removed and is ultimately excreted through urinary system.

    Step 5: Moisturise


    The procedure is completed by rehydrating the skin with the SleekSculpt’ exclusive moisturiser. It has been carefully formulated to balance the skin’s pH levels and soothe the skin, post treatment.



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